My little brother bought his own film for my instant camera and one of the first photos he wanted to take was this one. 
He told me to put it up on tumblr so he can become internet famous. 
(I don’t think that’s gonna happen but he has a lot of faith in the internet.)

(give him some notes, he’s so excited)

Anonymous asked:

draw more severed hands & feet. just keep doing it and ignore it and finally the politics monster will get bored and walk away

I’m currently unable to draw anything at all and I have no idea why but yay, somebody actually wants to see severed feet, how nice c:

Anonymous asked:

That cartoon is great, but religion is super fucked up. A lot of tumblr users seem to think that no matter how much evil religion does, just because there's some okay religious peeps it's all okay. It's really not. And people do use it to justify their oppression of various peoples.

(2) Especially pretending religions don’t oppress women. Lol yeah. Look at any of the major ones. The pope whose church’s main problem is probably the stadiums worth of sexual abuse victims, thinks the biggest problem is supposedly feminist nuns. Out of religions come all these fucked up practices toward women, but people are like nope. If u supposedly look at the basics there’s no misogyny.

First of all, I am agnostic and I personally believe that we can’t say there is a god but we also can’t say there isn’t so anybody has to be free to decide what religion they want to believe in because nobody knows if there is a god and what that god wants us to do. 
The religion itself is not the problem here. In Islam, it’s political extremism and a lack of general understanding of the Qu’ran by a lot of people in combination with a really horrible media representation. 
The Qu’ran actually says that men and women are equal.
Same goes for christianity. While in genesis it says that a woman’s duty is to serve the man, Jesus actually treated both men and women equally, he treated women far better than it was socially accepted at that time. 
Now, Jesus also treated the outcast and ill equally to everyone else (which the church did not.) and always told everyone not to judge anyone because of their sins (which the church did.)
This is one of the reasons why the christian church developed so many subtypes, Martin Luther already saw the problem here but people are free to choose whether they want to be protestant or catholic and where I live, many people choose catholicism because they think it’s ‘the original’ christian religion.
The pope is male because he is the successor of saint peter, who was male. It’s still a controversy, even for a lot of catholic people but it is understandable when they say it has to be a man.
It is a problem, women in leading roles in the church are still not often seen but it’s not. the religion. itself.
The religion is what people believe inside, it is why they choose to pray and why they choose to act in a certain way.
Religion, in most cases, is supposed to be something that happens inside of you. It says so in the bible, in the Qu’ran, Buddha said so and I am not sure about Hinduism to be honest but I think the core of it is not the public events either. 
Again, it even says, in all of the holy scriptures that I’ve read, that a religious person should pray alone and believe in god instead of going outside to show everyone they’re praying while actually they do not believe. 
I do see a problem when religion and politics are mixed up (which is really a rather big problem for Islam and Hinduism while it’s not so much relevant for the other world religions.) but once again. That. is not. the problem. of religion. itself.
Also, there are great differences of how muslims interpret the Qu’ran. The bible has been analyzed by the church and some parts have been practically crossed out because they are not suitable for our knowledge and society anymore.
A lot of muslims also believe that the rules for society that were developed 2000 years ago are not suitable anymore (or were not even developed for our modern society.), even if the prophet developed them. 
In the Qu’ran it says that women and men are equal before god and that both should strive for knowledge and think for themselves. 
It says though that women and men have different roles and that they both have to obey them. Now, it says so in the bible too but nowadays christians do not live by these rules strictly anymore (not even the pope.) because the  situation of men and women is not the same as 2000 years ago.
Therefor, I can see that both religions somehow support an oppression of women but in the end, it’s not the core of the religion and it’s not what the basic beliefs of the people are about.
Islam generally needs a structured exegesis but that is a problem that has to be solved by muslims and that is still very acute.
Regardless of that, not all women that wear a hijab (or any other headscarf) are forced to by their husbands and it is in no way necessary to kill their religion in order to bring them equal rights. They are free to marry who they choose to marry, they are supposed to think for themselves and husband and wife are supposed to make decisions together, women are supposed to be highly respected and have the right to educate themselves and that is not the case in most muslim societies. 

You simply can’t tell people what to believe in, you cannot judge which religion is right or wrong, you can only choose which religion you want to believe in (or not) and everyone should be free to do so. 

I see that there are a lot of problems with institutions such as the church and there are definitely conditions that have to change but the church has changed before and only because there are problems in the execution, that does not mean religion is a bad thing. 
Also, most of the people who say Islam is “horrible” (as I put it in the comic), are completely ignorant of the religion itself and have not read a single word of the holy scriptures which is really pissing me off because there are a lot of ‘atheists’ on the internet who have never even properly educated themselves and are constantly trying to tell people what to believe in which puts them on the same level with people who want to force others into a religion. 

(I accidentally clicked the ignore button instead of the delete button on that ask so the anon can probably not even see this and I am going to hit my head against a wall now.)

Anonymous asked:

Hey- I am SO glad you made that post about helping people. We need to realize that only WE can change the world, by slowly changing people's thinking. I have faith that we'll get there someday- and we'll never stop trying.


salleeluvs asked:

I think it's great and refreshing to see people stand up for their beliefs and advocate for awareness. Regardless whether people agree or disagree with your views, it's great to see any form of speech. Especially as an 18 year old? Where I currently live, many 18 year olds don't want to be educated about these subjects, stand up for their beliefs, or vote. Politics don't seem to phase the youth in the state I live in. So right on, keep doing you.

Thank you c:

I think it’s not only the youth, most people in general have no specific political world view and only go vote or raise their voice when the amount of money they have is for some reason reduced….I think it is a general ignorance in combination with the fact that in first world countries there’s not so much to worry about anymore. Also, politicians are mostly old white men (in germany, but also in most other first world countries.) and as soon as young politicians appear on tv (in germany for instance the pirate party), there are people who (regardless of the political orientation of the party) question the members’ ability to political thinking. In addition to that politics are really not in the slightest way entertaining to people and, sadly, that is a requirement for things to be interesting to the general “audience” at all. 
I guess there needs to be a lot more (interesting) media representation of what’s going on in the world, but the powerful (conservative) parties don’t need that kind of attention because they have the older population on their side. And those who only care about keeping their own money of course.

(I hope my english isn’t that bad today, I don’t know why but somehow I it’s hard to find the right words right now…)

If you want to help secure the rights of women all over the world go here.
If you want to help people from north korea go here.
If you want to help stop child labor go here
If you want to help people escape from their current situation go here
If you want to help refugees reunite with their families go here

If you want to permanently help the people who are still living in inhumane conditions all over the globe, that grow up experiencing war, violence and discrimination, be political! Go vote, write articles, educate every single person you meet, never shut your mouth, make people aware of the fact that we are still far away from global equality, freedom and peace.  

Please do not remove this caption, if you repost, link back to this post.

Anonymous asked:

This is a comic strip about your own life, it's not problematic, it just shows your own struggles with society. Why are people giving you shit about this? Yes, you are privileged, but what can you do about that? It's almost like you can't have problems and critical views if you aren't a woman of color and/or queer. sigh

But I understand them. 
I mean, they probably live in a country where they are a minority that people constantly make jokes about and they must feel very upset and unhappy about that. When they turn on the tv or open a book there are always white people, white people everywhere, complaining about their white washed lives that are not actually so bad compared to what poc experience.
And there are also people who live in unstable countries where some people might not even be able to go to school and where people die because of the bad political conditions and then, here I am, complaining about my privileged white live in a first world society when I grew up with enough food and without being oppressed, never forced to leave my country and never told to go away because I’m not the right color. 
I’d probably be really pissed too, if I was in that kind of situation- 
I pretty much make myself outcast while other people were born into a society where they are not taken seriously. 

Anonymous asked:

Pedophiles shouldnt be killed but thinking they just need therapy is super problematic.

No it is not. 
Pedophiles do need therapy and a certain medication, if they receive that medication they can actually realize that the children do not love them the way they love the children (which is the problem when it comes to child abuse because not always but often, the pedophiles do not realize they are actually raping the children (they think it’s consensual.) because a child’s reaction to a family member raping them differs a lot from what we learn about reactions to rape and, again, these people are mentally ill.)
It is actually proven that this medication helps, I’ve seen quite a lot about it on TV lately, if I find the link I’ll put it here but it’ll be german, I’ll see what I can find.
It is a mental problem they have and punishing them by putting them in jail does not help at all. 
The problem is that the government (in germany at least and don’t let me get started about the US) does not pay for the medication and a lot of people simply can’t afford it.
Another problem of course is that most pedophiles are afraid to see a doctor because of the extreme reactions in the media, they are afraid of loosing their job, friends and family while actually, they cannot help their own mental state. 
It is not a pedophile’s fault that they are pedophiles.
Pedophile does not equal rapist. 
The best solution would be giving them help, in form of therapy, before they rape anyone, not putting them in jail for 20 years or killing them afterwards because that has absolutely no effect on them or any future rapists. 
This goes out to all the anons who asked me this. 
I honestly hope you can understand that, without feeling any sympathy for pedophiles, giving them therapy is the most logical thing to do.

I needed to draw this little comic now.
I’ve been told by several people now, that I am unhappy and won’t ever find happiness in my life because I keep worrying and complaining about politics and because I don’t like to go out. 
'Why can't you just watch TV and enjoy?'
'Why do you waste your time drawing?'
'You don't want to celebrate your birthday? I bet you're just anxious.” 
It’s very tiring because I am not unhappy. 
Most people just annoy me a lot.
I am not an introvert when I am around people, I tell them what I think all the time, the topics just make me very angry so they think I am angry while actually nobody ever wants to talk about the things I enjoy. 
I’m not actually bad at social interaction I just dislike it.
So I stay at home. 
Because dogs are better than people and the internet is full of people who are interested in stuff I like.

(trivia: I actually have that ‘shut the f✿ck up’ shirt.)